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CARRYBOY Company, Global leader in mobile special unit modification to suit all purpose of usage and the world's largest manufacturers of fiberglass productions.

Company History

1969 :

1982 :

1986 :
1989 :
1997 :
1999 :
Present :

Establish T.R.K. Bangkok Industry & Exporter Co.,ltd for whole sale
2 retail spare parts business both domestic and export.
Start production of fiberglass canopy for pickup truck under brand “CARRYBOY”
TÜV certificated from Germany, TIS (Thailand Industrial Standard)
Establish T.K.D. Fiber Co.,Ltd for production and domestic distribution.
ISO 9001:2000
TÜV NORD certificated from Germany
Capital Registration 500,000,000.00 Baht
The highlight of our concentration on quality happened when CARRYBOY was inspected and awarded the Certificate of Quality by TÜV of Germany in 1986. Additionally we have received many product awards from domestic institutions over the years, including The product award for automobile and fiberglass canopy in the year 1987 and 1988. Best dress up award car of the year 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and ISO 9001:2008

Our largest and most modern factory

      Eversince "CARRYBOY" has undergone technological development in production of Fiberglass Canopy and Pickup & 4x4 Accessories of perfect quality and design. "CARRYBOY" belives in the meticulousness in every process of production. Each department has its own specialist to closely supervise its operation. The factory has been invested into the largest and the most modern factory by introducing the latest technology to help reinforcing the production standard. The production line is divided into serveral departments to create a standard skilled workmanship in every function. Selective quality materials and special designed equipment are intensively acquired with the aim to produce the best fiberglass canopy and pickup & 4x4 accessories for the World

Fiberglass Canopy

Auto Accessories


Domestic / Export share

Domestic canopy market share


  1. Domestic under carryboy marketing 7 branches and 750 dealers
  2. Export under carryboy brand more than 150 countries
  3. Design patented more than 200 items
** Total sales under "CARRYBOY" brand more than 85 million $ USD


  1. Carryboy Fleet for special project and O.E.M
  2. 750 domestic dealers and 150 countries distributor
  3. Marketing support by carryboy leasing for carryboy dealers domestic

Production Capacity

  1. Fiberglass Canopy 6,000   units
  2. Fiberglass Sport lid 1,500   units
  3. Grand Carryboy (Modified Pickup) 300   sets
  4. Commercial Conversion (Cargo Box) 150   sets
  5. Auto Accessories 150,000   sets
  6. Ambulance 10   units
  7. Caravan 2   units
  8. Car Services (Mobile Service) 100   units
  9. Kiosk, Trailer, Minibus 50   units
10. Fleet Sales (Made to Order) --    
** per month (export)

The industry leader, for timely response and quality products since 1975.


Trade mark and Trade name


  1. Trademark Registed under brand "CARRYBOY" more than 83 countries
  2. International patented more than 21 patents
  3. Design patented more than 400 items


888 Luangphaeng Road, Tabyao, Ladkrabang, Bangkok 10520, Thailand
Tel : +66(0) 2360 7555   Fax : +66(0) 2360 7551
Email : carryboy@carryboy.com
Factory Address
Approximately 55,752 SQ.M (34 RAI)
Total Land
Approximately 48,500 SQ.M
Building Area
A > Fiberglass Canopies 6,000 Units/Month
..... Can be shifted to 10,000 Units/Month
..... Sportlid 1,500 Units/Month
Modified Pickup 300 Units/Month

B > Auto Accessories 150,000 Pcs./Month
Production Capacity
70% for both Fiberglass pickup canopy and accessories
Domestic Market Share
Fiberglass canopy 150 dealers
Auto accessories 750 dealers
Domestic Dealers
More than 150 countries in all continentals.
Export Market
Approximately 1,250 Persons
75 Million U.S. Dollars (2004)
Total Annual Turnover
Krung thai bank public company limited.
New petchaburi road / a branch, bangkok, thailand
Bank Data


With pride and success of CARRYBOY, we are determined to develop new products and upgrade for better quality continously to the market.
Best Dress-Up Products
Car of the Year 2008
Best Dress-Up Products
Car of the Year 2007
Best Dress-Up Products
Car of the Year 2006
Best Dress-Up Products
Car of the Year 2005
Best Dress-Up Products
Car of the Year 2004
TÜV from Germany
ISO 9001:2008
T.R.K Bangkok Industry & Exported Co.,Ltd.
888 Luangphaeng Road, Tabyao, Ladkrabang, Bangkok 10520 Thailand
Tel : +66(0) 2360 7555 Fax : +66(0) 2360 7551 Email : carryboy@carryboy.com
Monday — Saturday
8:00 A.M.— 5:00 P.M.
UTC/GMT+7 hours
Our hours of operation are :
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